How to say 疲れた in English

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How to say 疲れた in English

Waiting for my delayed flight to take off was tiring.

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How to say 疲れた!in English.

Sometimes you do something that takes a long time, or something that is really a pain in the neck. Like, going through immigration and customs at the airport, going to the driver’s license office, or finishing up a project in the office

When you look up 「疲れた」 in a dictionary, it usually translates as, “I’m tired” or “I was tired.” But actually, there is a more natural way to express this feeling of 「疲れた」 in English.

For English speakers, when we hear, “I’m tired, ” we think, “Oh, she is sleepy. That’s because generally, English speakers use the phrase “I’m tired” when we feel physically tired, like just before bedtime. Here are some examples:

  • I worked 14 hours today. I’m tired. It means, I want to sleep.
  • We walked around Kyoto all day. We were so tired.

On the other hand, when we do something that takes a long time or something that is really a pain in the neck, we tend to talk about the activity itself, not our feeling. So, we use the phrase, “It was tiring.” Here are some examples:

  • It took 2 hours to go through immigration and customs at the airport. It was so tiring. It means, that was a tough situation for me.
  • The motor vehicle office was so crowded. It was really tiring.
  • Today’s planning meeting was tiring, but we made a lot of progress.

So, I think it is better to say, “It was tiring” than “I was tired,” when you experience a tough situation. Of course, if you are physically tired, you can say, “I am tired.” But, while going to the motor vehicle office is tiring, it doesn’t exactly make me want to sleep!

What was tiring for you recently? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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